Bread of Stone Delivers Much-Anticipated Seventh Project ‘Details’


SOURCE: Brimstone Services

Iowa-based, faith-focused pop-rock band Bread of Stone has announced the release of their seventh project, an EP titled Details. Band members Bill and Ben Kristijanto, Tim Barnes, and Jason Ferris spearheaded the recording process, all from the back lounge of their tour bus- turned-studio. Australian singer/songwriter/producer Luke O’Dea (Verses) joined them in the state-of-the-art space to add his talents to the creative process, bringing an irreplaceable dynamic to the project.

O’Dea was just one member of an all-star ensemble of contributing talent that Bread of Stone enlisted to bring Details to life. A truly collaborative effort, the music is certain to challenge listeners to proclaim the freedom that is given through Christ.

“This is an album of going back to the basics of when we first started Bread of Stone,” Ben says, adding, “We were fully able to express what’s in our hearts.”

While their new music pays homage to their early days, Bread of Stone has continued to grow and evolve over the years — in their personal lives and in their relationships with the Lord. That growth comes through in the lyrics, showing up in songs that speak to the band’s desire simply to love and surrender.

“We were ready to push ourselves past the limits of our typical songwriting, vocals, and mixing,” Ben explains. “We feel Details displays the drive we had to break our own mold.”

The underlying theme that ties the songs together is that Jesus pays attention to every single detail in our lives. If we would pay attention to the little things in life, we would see His love in those details and fully experience the life He has given us. In other words, God really is in the details.

That theme is evident on tracks like “Never Let You Go” and “Running,” which elaborates the passion of letting go of fears and running toward the Lord. Meanwhile, the song “Before” tells a story of seeing that there is something more to life than just the norm. The album ends with a familiar track from the band’s catalog, “Not Alone,” delivered in a popular acoustic version that showcases the band’s capabilities both acoustically and sonically.

“It may sound cliché,” Bill says, “but ‘love’ continues to be our anthem within Bread of Stone. Everything from songwriting to recording to our live show — ‘love’ is our theme, and when everything is based on love, you can’t fail.”

Details is available via iTunes, Spotify, and other digital music outlets. Physical CDs can be purchased on the band’s website,

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