What if you didn’t pray about that problem the moment it surfaced? What if you didn’t always immediately try to change things when they didn’t suit you? What if you sought purpose, on purpose, to your prayers, your service and your life? What if people became people to you, and not just part of the scenery? What if you realized that it matters to you what God really thinks? What if you let yourself be taken advantage of, even for a little bit? What if you let yourself be “cheated”? What if you didn’t try to right every wrong that’s been done to you? What if you just decided to be still?

“Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted in all the earth; I will be exalted among the nations.”

I know those are not the coolest questions to ask, especially in the face of “modern Christianity” where everyone wants a miracle, and it’s popular to be your own boss and go off and do your own thing and not let anyone walk all over you. But maybe these are the questions that we need to ask if we are to look anything like Jesus while we walk this earth. Maybe we need to ask ourselves the tough questions that bother our insides more if we are to look in the mirror and see actual Christians looking back and not just hard, cold people who know they’re going to heaven.

I am, and have always been, an over-thinker. I used to hate that about myself until I realized how much of a blessing it can be to think through to the mind of God. I’ve tried not to shrug every uncomfortable thought away any longer.

Chuck it up to the plethora of paranormal and fantasy movies I watch, but I believe there is a balance in life on this earth. God gave us eternal life, free of charge, but it wasn’t for squandering. (If you think I’m wrong, let’s get to heaven and find out.) He wouldn’t love us any less for being irresponsible, but He isn’t impressed by our reckless living. And He sure isn’t impressed or pleased when we reduce Him and His life to a means to an end, failing to see that He is the centre of it all.

One of God’s highest goals for us as His children is to make us like Jesus. That is a very high “goal”, and I don’t mean just the miracles and fame. Too often, we fail to realize that what made Jesus who He was while He walked the earth was His heart. This heart of His was always reaching to the Father. It amazes me how He consulted the Father and invoked and involved the Father in everything He said and did. Fast forward to His sacrifice. It would have been so easy to get the angels at His beck and call to deliver Him and prove that He truly was the Son of God. But have you seen that the proof of His identity lay with Him going through with the Cross?

Copy and paste onto your life. When a difficulty hits, a rough patch, a conflicting relationship, what do you do? Do you insist for God to let your will be done, or you let His will be done? What if you consulted God instead of “praying away” the problem or the person? What if you listened in His Word and in your heart for what He really wanted you to do and not just for what you know or feel He permits? What if you let Him take you through the death, without trying to escape it through gimmicks and short cuts? What if you let your heart, your true self, rule, instead of just the sentiments and the stony beliefs you don’t want to let go of? What if you didn’t let the cup pass over but drank its bitter content to the last drop?

I’ll tell you: Resurrection. You would find a whole new you on the other side that you didn’t imagine was possible. You would find that your heart’s elasticity has been stretched, and you’re thinking and seeing just a little bit more like God. You would find that you’re coming, slowly, face to face with His heart and His ways, not just the things He does. You would find that you are becoming like Jesus, in truth and in deed.

You just might find who you really are: a child of God.


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